Taste the BEST vegetarian food in town

Singapore's most authentic local vegetarian flavours  高档素食料理带入小贩邻里

About Us

Our Chef - Mdm Heng Chen Kiow


Well known to her customers as Zhey Soh,  斋嫂 (vegetarian auntie in Hokkien), the 74-year-old madam Heng has been a vegetarian for the past five decades.  Though without any formal culinary training, her sharp senses, quick and resourceful thinking on choice ingredients (as substitutes for meat) and high expectations in true flavours, has kept her in good stead.

​The solid reputation of Mdm Heng's Kampung Ubi Lucky Vegetarian Food’s “delicious vegetarian food that don't taste like vegetarian food” steadily built its loyal fan base.  Long queues for fan favourites such as the fragrant wok-fried zhey (vegetarian food in Hokkien) bee hoon, mee rebus, mee siam and even zhey chicken rice were a normal sight during its years of operation.


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